The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review (1)

The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review

As summer approaches, many young readers look to find a book that encapsulates the essence of their sun-soaked daydreams. “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” by Jenny Han, offers just that—a coming-of-age tale wrapped in the warm glow of beach vacations and first loves.

With my years spent exploring the depths of young adult fiction, both as an educator and an avid reader, this novel resonates particularly for its portrayal of adolescent yearning set against the backdrop of family traditions.

Delving into Belly’s transformative season in Cousins Beach town, where summers are synonymous with growth and selfdiscovery, this review will unveil why Han’s narrative stands out in a sea of teen romances.

Get ready to dive into a story that’s much more than your typical summer fling—it’s about growing up under the sun. Keep reading to see if Belly’s journey should be part of your summer memories too!

Harmful Content in The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review (1)

The Summer I Turned Pretty contains typical teen romance plot points, drama between love interests, and negative behaviors such as drinking and smoking.

Typical teen romance plot points

In “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” Belly’s story is packed with typical teen romance elements. Each summer brings warm breezes and the chance for young love to blossom. Belly finds herself caught in a classic love triangle, torn between two boys who have been part of her summers since childhood.

Her heart races as she navigates through crushes and the exciting possibility of a first kiss.

Tension builds as Belly’s feelings deepen, creating drama that keeps readers hooked page after page. She must choose between the familiarity of longstanding friendships or the thrill of new romance under the sunny sky.

As emotions intensify, Belly learns valuable lessons about love and growing up during these pivotal summer vacations.

Drama between love interests

The Summer I Turned Pretty book is filled with constant and engaging drama between the love interests, making it an enticing read for teens. The relationship complexities and emotional rollercoasters experienced by Belly and the boys in her life add depth to the plot.

These interactions create a compelling dynamic that keeps readers eagerly turning pages to see how everything unfolds.

With its focus on teen romance and family dynamics, The Summer I Turned Pretty presents relatable themes that resonate with adolescents, adding to its appeal as a coming-of-age novel.

The drama between love interests serves as a driving force in the storyline, adding excitement for readers seeking entertaining teenage experiences through this summer romance tale.

Negative behaviors (drinking/smoking)

The story portrays occasional negative behaviors such as drinking and smoking, which are typical of the teenage characters in the book. The presence of these behaviors might be a point of concern for parents considering the appropriateness of the content for younger readers, particularly those under 13 years old.

While these elements contribute to the realism of teenage experiences portrayed in the novel, they should be considered when assessing whether it aligns with your child’s maturity level.

Negative behaviors like drinking and smoking are depicted within the context of summer activities, reflecting common situations that may arise during adolescence. This portrayal could serve as an opportunity for parents and guardians to engage in discussions about responsible decision-making with their teenagers.

Positive Aspects of The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review (1)

The novel explores important messages about family and relationships, while also showcasing humorous and entertaining characters. These elements make it an engaging and enjoyable read for young adults.

Messages about family and relationships

The novel conveys valuable messages about family and relationships, portraying the complexities and dynamics within these connections. Belly’s bond with her family unfolds against the backdrop of summer vacations, offering insight into the evolution of familial relationships during formative years.

The story captures relatable moments of sibling rivalry, parental guidance, and growing pains that resonate with young readers navigating their own family experiences. Through its portrayal of love interests intertwining within a tight-knit family setting, the novel explores how romance can both strengthen and challenge familial bonds.

Additionally, The Summer I Turned Pretty underscores the significance of open communication and understanding within families. It delves into themes of loyalty and support, showcasing how individuals navigate changing relationships while maintaining emotional ties to their loved ones.

Humorous characters

The characters in The Summer I Turned Pretty bring humor and lightheartedness to the story. Their witty dialogue and quirky personalities add an entertaining element to the plot, creating moments of levity amidst the drama and romance.

Belly’s interactions with her family members and friends are filled with humorous exchanges that showcase their dynamic relationships. Additionally, the boys in Belly’s life bring a playful charm and comedic banter that contributes to the overall enjoyment of the narrative.

Readers will find themselves chuckling at the amusing antics of the characters as they navigate their summer adventures, providing a refreshing break from more intense moments within the story.

Entertaining plot

The novel’s entertaining plot intertwines with humorous characters and family dynamics, transporting readers to the captivating world of teenage summer romance. The summertime setting, along with the blossoming relationships between the characters, creates a backdrop filled with warmth and nostalgia.

The constant drama between love interests adds tension and excitement to the story, keeping readers engaged in Belly’s journey of self-discovery during those magical summer months at Cousins.

Belly’s experiences are relatable to adolescent readers, making her coming-of-age story an inviting exploration of young love and personal growth. Through its light-hearted tone and lovable characters such as Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah, “The Summer I Turned Pretty” delivers an enjoyable beach read for teens seeking a compelling narrative that revolves around friendship, first loves, and unforgettable summers by the sea.

Recommended Age Range

The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review (2)

Suitable for ages 10+, with little swearing or explicit content, making it suitable for young teen readers. If you’re wondering whether The Summer I Turned Pretty is the right book for your child, keep reading to find out more!

Suitable for ages 10+

The Summer I Turned Pretty is suitable for ages 10 and above, as it features relatable themes about family relationships and growing up. The light-hearted nature of the story makes it an engaging read for young readers.

With minimal swearing or explicit content, this coming-of-age novel presents a charming summer romance that captures the magic of adolescence.

Featuring humorous characters and an entertaining plot, The Summer I Turned Pretty offers an age-appropriate portrayal of teenage experiences and emotions. This heartwarming tale provides insight into the dynamics of family vacations and teen drama while maintaining a wholesome storyline suitable for young readers.

Little swearing or explicit content

The Summer I Turned Pretty contains little swearing or explicit content, making it suitable for readers as young as 10. While the book includes typical teen romance plot points and some negative behaviors like drinking and smoking, these are not portrayed in an explicit or graphic manner.

Instead, the novel primarily focuses on themes of family, relationships, and coming of age. With its lighthearted and entertaining nature, this coming-of-age novel is appropriate for a younger audience looking for a sweet summer romance story.

Moving onto a discussion about the positive aspects of The Summer I Turned Pretty..


Should your child read “The Summer I Turned Pretty”? Consider the typical teen romance plot points and drama between love interests. The book also portrays negative behaviors like drinking and smoking.

On a positive note, it conveys messages about family and relationships, features humorous characters, and an entertaining plot suitable for ages 10+.

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